Philosophy & Values

We look to partner with outstanding, passionate leaders. Passionate leadership turbocharges, but is not a replacement for, sound management practices. The journey by leadership to cultivate a brand, at its very core, is a difficult and constant balancing act of maximizing healthy growth, while minimizing operating risk. We want to be partners and guides in finding that right balance.

There is no one “right way” to invest capital when looking for a sound return, but there is a right fit for us. We are growth-driven investors and favor companies whose strategies are fundamentally-based, have attractive unit-economic returns, but never chase excessive growth that puts the enterprise and its constituents in a position of significant risk. If pursuing a balanced approach to growth and profitability is your objective as leaders of a brand, we could be the right fit for you.

We take very seriously the objective that EACH of our brands should succeed, and not just a select few. Your equity (both the financial and sweat variety) is far more concentrated than ours, and we owe it to you and the community to treat the brand as though it has no alternative BUT to succeed.